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league name checker

League of Legends Summoner Name Availability Checker. I've created a League of Legends name checker and looking for some initial feedback. It currently only has basic functionality but before going. LoL Namecheck is a League of Legends summoner name availability checker. The purpose of the site is to help people find the League of Legends username.

League name checker - Würfel Online

Deleted it and made this one. Start current Listen Generator FAQ Languages! If yuo don't mind me asking; i have no interest in being a mod but how does one even stumble upon that opportunity. Like my username c: My server is on the brink of meltdown. Try to use this one here http:


FUNNY SUMMONER NAMES 4 I will add an option to switch languages from the nav bar. I'm a computer science student procrastinating making this instead of studying. It would be a pretty simple change. You are going to: I cache the results so names can't be spam searched but It appears to still be free after I cleared it.


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